Trustees, Staff & Annual Reports

The Director of Somerset House Trust is Jonathan Reekie CBE.

The trustees are:
Robert Gillespie - Chairman   
Tony Elliott
Judy Gibbons
Sir Malcolm Grant
Laurence Green
Jeremy Hardie                                           
Jon Higgins                         
Marcus Lyon                     
Caroline Michel                
Mark Pain
Joanna Pitman                                  
Sir Mark Potter
Nitin Sawhney
Loraine Woodhouse                   
Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey

Jonathan Reekie CBE (Director)
Katharine Bramhall –Clement (PA to the Executive Team)

Executive Team
Mark Stuart-Smith (Chief Operating Officer)
Mark Hislop (Commercial Director)

Visitor Communications
Stephen Doherty (Director of Visitor Communications)
Kirstin Hay (Marketing Officer)
Matt Jordan (Marketing Co-ordinator)
Daniel Roberts (Web Content & Information Manager)
Jonathan Powell (Project Co-ordinator)
Caroline Carter (Volunteers Manager)
Kelly Moffitt (Gallery Operations Manager)
Petra Schtirba (Gallery Operations Manager)
Helen Downing (Duty Manager)

PR Office
Josephine Rodrigues (Head of Press) (on maternity leave)
Stephanie Lilley (Acting Head of Press)
Laura Horton (PR Officer)

Live Events
Charlotte Nimmo (Head of Live Events)
Molly Rigg (Lead Project Manager)
Maya Drew (Assistant Project Manager)
Luisa Hayes (Live Events Co-ordinator)

Finance Department
Addison Devlin (Financial Accountant)
Amit Auluck (Management Accountant)
Kirill Simdyashkin (Project Accountant)
Maxine Plunkett (Accounts Supervisor)
Thomas Lewis (Accounts Assistant)

Learning and Exhibitions
Claire Catterall (Director of Exhibitions and Learning)
Annette Richardson (Learning and Participation Programme Manager)
Shonagh Marshall (Curator) 
Karishma Rafferty (Curator, Learning and Events)

Private Events
Emma Barrow (Head of Private Events)
Dionne Alexander (Deputy Head of Events)
Rachel Ingram (Senior Events Manager)
Joanne Cameron (Senior Events Manager)
Hollie Taylor (Event Planner)
Alice Martin (Event Planner)
Jessica Moore (Event Co-ordinator)
Stephanie Moss (Event Co-ordinator)
Megan Jackson (Event Sales & Administrative Assistant)
Lucy Bailey (Event Administrator)

Penelope Wilmott (Commercial Manager)
Jessica Linehan (Retail Development Executive)
Aniela Murphy (Meetings/ Members & Tenant Liaison)

Facilities Management
Paul Catlow (Director of Estates)
Mick Figg (Property Services Manager)
Greg Van Duin (Operations Manager)
Vicky Sawyer (Business Centre Manager)

Annual Report & Accounts and our Terms & Conditions for Suppliers 
View our most recent Annual Reports and our Terms & Conditions for suppliers below. 

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2012-2013

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2011-2012

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2010-2011

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2009-2010

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2008-2009

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2007-2008

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2006-2007

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2005-2006

> Click here to download our Annual Report 2004-2005

> Click here to download our Terms & Conditions for Suppliers

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