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Art & Life: The Paintings of Beryl Bainbridge
22 May 2014 - 19 October 2014
East Wing
All too often artists with talent in several fields become recognized for just one. This is the starting point for a journey through the creative life and oeuvre of Beryl Bainbridge, who was best known as a writer, but was also a highly accomplished visual artist. This exhibition shows a selection of Bainbridge's paintings, etchings and drawings, contextualised by material from her novels, and offers the rare opportunity to see a range of her first editions and archival material from the British Library.
Form through Colour: Josef Albers, Anni Albers and Gary Hume
05 June 2014 - 31 August 2014
East Wing Galleries
Contemporary rug and fabric company Christopher Farr has collaborated with The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and Gary Hume to create new, limited-edition collections around each of the artists’ signature series. Over 20 hand-crafted rugs, tapestries and fabric installations will be on show for the first time offering visitors the chance to see textile art based on the original designs of three complementary colourists from the Bauhaus to Britart eras alongside each other.
Return of the Rudeboy
13 June 2014 - 25 August 2014
Terrace Rooms
An original exhibition created and curated by prolific photographer and filmmaker for music’s most wanted Dean Chalkley and fashion-industry favourite creative director Harris Elliott, which showcases a sartorial subculture through a series of portraits, installations and set pieces.
Time: Tattoo Art Today
03 July 2014 - 05 October 2014
Embankment Galleries
An exhibition presenting original artworks from 70 of the world’s most influential tattoo artists including Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi III, Paul Booth and Mister Cartoon, curated by fellow tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe and publisher Miki Vialetto.
Return of the Rudeboy: Spotlight on Style Tours
30 July 2014
Terrace Rooms
Join a member of the gallery team for a spotlight tour of the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition. Each tour will delve into the long and rich history of rudeboy culture, and the stories behind the style.
Exhibitions on Film:
The Harder They Come
31 July 2014
The Screening Room
Shown in conjunction with the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition, this 1972 gritty Jamaican drama combines reggae and realism with cinematic flair. As aspiring musician Ivanhoe Martin (played by the legendary Jimmy Cliff) goes to Kingston in search of fame and fortune, he finds his dreams sidetracked by a shady underground world of drug smuggling and corrupt police officials. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Don Letts.
Free Guided Tour: Historical Highlights
31 July 2014
Somerset House
Discover evidence of Tudor intrigue and Georgian Enlightenment, of scientific curiosity, naval power and extravagant entertainments.
Late Night: Thursday 31 July
31 July 2014
Somerset House
Joins us for a late night on Thursday 31 July, our exhibitions are staying open until 21.00.
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