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Knyttan: Factory of the Future
13 November 2014 - 29 March 2015
New Wing
Have you ever wanted to design your own scarf, jumper or even tie, but can’t knit? Based in Somerset House’s New Wing, Knyttan’s Factory of the Future allows you to create a design and have it made in front of you in minutes.
T H E U N S E E N Emporium
13 November 2014 - 05 May 2015
New Wing
Material exploration house T H E U N S E E N, a collective of alchemists, cutters, coders and anatomists, open the doors to their magical world which focuses on science fused with design. Within the Emporium visitors are fully immersed in material science and surrounded by iconic British designed products that have been treated with UNSEEN technology. Gifts perfect for a Winter stocking are also available to buy for the curious.
Goya: The Witches and Old Women Album
26 February 2015 - 25 May 2015
The Courtauld Gallery
This major exhibition reunites all the surviving drawings from the Witches and Old Women Album for the first time, offering a fascinating and enlightening view of a very private and personal Goya.
Maggi Hambling: War Requiem & Aftermath
04 March 2015 - 31 May 2015
East Wing
The Cultural Institute at King’s College London present War Requiem & Aftermath, a survey of the recent work of British artist Maggi Hambling, encompassing painting, sculpture, installation and film.
The Syngenta Photography Award 2015
11 March 2015 - 10 April 2015
East Wing Galleries
The Syngenta Photography Award is a celebration of artistic skill and outstanding photography which aims to draw attention to, and stimulate dialogue around, key global challenges. This year’s award invited professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to submit applications responding to the theme of ‘Scarcity-Waste’.
Free Guided Tour: Historical Highlights
28 March 2015
Somerset House
Discover evidence of Tudor intrigue and Georgian Enlightenment, of scientific curiosity, naval power and extravagant entertainments.
BBC Radio 4 Four Thought
30 March 2015
Navy Board Rooms
Join us for our next recording of BBC Radio 4's Four Thought at Somerset House, a series of talks that combine two of the trademark elements of Radio 4 - big ideas and evocative storytelling. Speakers take to the stage, to air their latest thinking on the trends, ideas, interests and passions that affect our culture and society. Hosted by Ben Hammersley tonight's speakers include Jamie Bartlett author of "The Dark Net" taking a look at the hidden parts of the internet, and Peter Bleksley,a former undercover policeman fighting narcotics who then became an addict, arguing that the 'war on drugs' isn't working.
Somerset House: The Old Palaces Tour
31 March 2015
Somerset House
Somerset House, now an exciting venue for arts and culture was once the home of three Catholic queens; Anne of Denmark, Henrietta Maria and Catherine of Braganza and played a vital part in the crisis of the Stuart dynasty. Join us for a new guided tour, exploring the history of the site before this current building existed. A special highlight of the tour includes access to Strand Lane Baths.
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