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25 January 2016 - 31 December 2016
Somerset House
UTOPIA 2016 is a year of imagination and possibility celebrating the 500th anniversary of Thomas More's inspirational text, Utopia. Artists, designers, provocateurs and thinkers will be experimenting with ways we might live, make, work and play. With: Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge studio; The Utopian Treasury; Venturing Beyond with Horfee, Revok, Filippo Minelli, Shepard Fairey and Swoon; Out There: Post-War Public Art; International Fashion Showcase; Now Play This at London Games Week; Connected Communities at the Utopia Fair; Counterculture Now; Night School on Anarres with Onkar Kular and Noam Toran; We Account the Whale Immortal with Philip Hoare and Jessica Sarah Rinland; Utopia at The British Library; The London Design Biennale; Utopia: Constructed, and much, much more
Paths to Utopia
01 July 2016 - 02 October 2016
East Wing
Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s inspirational book Utopia, Paths to Utopia is a collection of new art works resulting from collaborations between artists, performers, architects, technologists and King’s College London academics. In this unique cultural hub, audiences will have the chance to encounter whales, ascend to a community on the clouds and witness the ubiquitous, transcendental pursuit of creativity.
Björk Digital
01 September 2016 - 23 October 2016
New Wing
An immersive virtual reality exhibition from Icelandic icon Björk. Somerset House is thrilled to announce the European premiere of Björk Digital, an exhib­ition of digital and video works, resulting from Björk’s collaborations with some of the finest visual artists and programmers in the world and coinciding with a special performance at the Royal Albert Hall.
Restart Weekend
30 September 2016 - 02 October 2016
Great Arch Hall
What’s a utopian gadget? Is it simply a gadget that doesn’t break? Is it easily repairable or modular? While the media gets excited about 'planned obsolescence', The Restart Project thinks the ultimate gadget is one that doesn’t need to be manufactured or bought: it’s the one you already have and that still has plenty to offer. What’s more utopian than discovering we might not need a new product? As part of Utopia 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility Restart are taking over the Utopia Treasury for a weekend of activites, where you’ll be able to share your priorities for utopian gadgets, whilst learning more about how you can fix your relationship with electronics.
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