24, 25, & 26 September 2009

Haute cuisine and design innovation combined in this special event in the Salt room at Somerset House. Two desserts were served to every guest at each intimate session, each created with colours, ingredients and materials to convey meaning.

Desserts were created by LA chef Roberto Cortez and beautifully presented by high-end tableware designer Katja Bremkamp, with Simon Fraser as the host. The service also featured furniture by Tomas Alonso, glassware by Andreas Fabian and porcelain by Elizabeth Callinicos.

The choices that were available to each guest included:

Chocolate Drug followed by Velvet Tenderness

Chocolate Drug ingredients: Amedei Chuao chocolate, Thai spice cherries, Guinness, honey, malt.

Velvet Tenderness ingredients: rice pudding, vanilla beans, peaches, cinnamon, toffee, almond, lavender, citrus.

Love Fragments followed by Frozen Despair

Love Fragments ingredients: Amedei white chocolate, mascarpone, rose petal, lychee, pine nuts, golden xuan tea.

Frozen Despair ingredients: yoghurt, coconut, blueberries, champagne, mint.

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