TINTIN: Hergé's Masterpiece

12 November 2015 – 31 January 2016
Daily 10.00-18.00 (last entry 17.15)
Late night Thursdays & Fridays until 21.00 (last admission 20.15) 
Terrace Rooms, South Wing
Free admission

This winter, Somerset House is proud to present TINTIN: Hergé’s Masterpiece.  Stepping inside the wonderfully eccentric world of artist-author Hergé and Tintin, his intrepid young reporter, the exhibition explores the evolution of the artwork of Hergé, from the simplicity of early newspaper strips to the genre-defining graphic work of the later books.  Drawing on the archives of the Hergé Museum in Belgium, TINTIN: Hergé’s Masterpiece features pencil sketches, character drawings, and watercolours alongside original artwork from the finished stories.

The exhibition also reveals more about the man behind the masterpiece. Hergé had an enduring fascination with architecture and design.  With his skill as an illustrator and a draughtsman's eye for design, the settings in which the stories were played out were always rendered in meticulous detail. Models/installations of memorable locations such as Tintin’s apartment are displayed and the exhibition is themed with reference to one of Hergé’s favourite backdrops - Marlinspike Hall, Captain Haddock’s country house once owned by his maritime ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock.  With a similar neoclassical splendour and nautical history as the former home of the Navy Board and office of Lord Nelson, Somerset House makes a compelling site from which to share Hergé’s own story.

Since he first appeared in Hergé's weekly cartoon strip in Le Petit Vingtième in Brussels in 1929, Tintin has become one of the most iconic comic-strip heroes along with a supporting cast of his trusty dog Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and Thomson and Thompson. With more than 200 million copies of the famous 24 ‘albums’ sold worldwide which also recently inspired a Hollywood blockbuster, Hergé's timeless character continues to attract new generations of fans to his stories for their unique mixture of artistry, history and adventure.

TINTIN: Hergé’s Masterpiece coincides with the release of a book of the same name, published by Rizzoli priced at £35.00.

Tintin: Hergé’s Masterpiece Spotlight Tours
Wednesdays until 27 January 2016, 11.30-11.50 & 12.30-12.50
Terrace Rooms, Free

Discover more about iconic image maker Hergé with lunch time talks focusing on aspects of the master's style and narrative flair. A member of the Learning Team discusses the shaping of Hergé’s career at Le Petit Vingtieme, the attention to detail in his research, and the stories behind the Tintin ‘family’. Places will be available 30 minutes before the start of the tour from the Terrace Rooms. Please note there will be no spotlight tours on the 23 and 30 December.

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