Drowning World

Drowning World

10 May - 5 June 2012 (This event has passed)

Drowning World is a global photography project about flooding by photo artist Gideon Mendel. Since 2007 Mendel has documented major scenes of devastation around the world; starting in the UK he has photographed floods in Pakistan, Australia and Thailand.

The work is not easy to categorise - sitting somewhere between photojournalism, climate change activism and art. Central to each chapter is a series of portraits of flood victims, in the landscape of their personal calamity. They address the camera, giving testament to the surrounding environmental destruction that has all but destroyed their lives. Their unsettling gaze challenges the viewer, questioning our communal culpability for their plight and illustrating the impact of climate change on individual lives.

This was the first gallery display of the project. Around 30 prints were displayed along with a multi-screen video installation of footage collected on many of the trips.

> Find out more on Gideon Mendel's website

> Drowning World is part of World Stages London

This exhibition has been printed and mounted by Spectrum

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