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All Our Children: Help Create A Fashion Collection

06 May 2020

Contribute to award-winning British fashion designer Bethany Williams' next fashion collection, as part of our ongoing project All Our Children.

What clothes do you remember wearing as a child? Do you have any photographs of garments that you enjoyed wearing? Are there images of your grandparents or parents, siblings or friends which you look back on fondly? Fashion designer Bethany Williams invites you to take part in her research process for her next collection, All Our Children, as she investigates our relationship to future generations.

Bethany’s research process which has social justice and environmental action at its core is currently focussed on gathering resources and imagery as inspiration for the launch of a new fashion collection later in the year.

For part two of Bethany’s project we are asking you for your help in sourcing images to use as inspiration for the collection. Usually, a key part of Bethany’s research process is using libraries and museum archives to find inspiration for the shapes that form the basis of a collection. Evidently that isn’t possible in light of the current situation, so Bethany is asking for your help with the research.


  • Share a photograph that shows a loved item of clothing on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  • Include a short caption detailing your past fashion memories of your youth
  • Tag #AllOurChildren (and @bethany_williams_london if sharing on Instagram)


Examples from Bethany


Bethany works closely with different charities and social initiatives and as part of All Our Children has been working with the Magpie Project who support vulnerably housed women and young children in Newham. Through the collaboration, Bethany discovered that many vulnerable mothers were told by different institutions that their children were not ‘our children’ to support and protect. This speaks to the political environment in the UK today but also translates as a metaphor for future generations. How collectively can we expand our capacity to care about the most vulnerable within our society now, both locally and globally? And how can nurturing that capacity to care and take action help us address the climate and ecological emergency as it unfolds?

This project will follow Bethany’s research process from start to finish. Beginning with a DIY workshop in April, future events include the raising of a new flag above Somerset House and the launch of a new fashion collection later in the year.



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