A photo of GLOR1A. She has her eyes closed and there is a graphic blur effect adding a reflection / double of her face

Amplify 2020: GLOR1A

02 Dec 2020

GLOR1A performs in the Deadhouse at Somerset House, recorded as part of the AMPLIFY showcase.

Amplify Digital Arts Initiative is a partnership between Somerset House Studios, MUTEK and the British Council, a residency that connects and empowers an active network of women-identifying artists and professionals working in the digital arts, sound and immersive storytelling sectors in Canada, Latin America and the UK.

GLOR1A sees herself as a malleable form: nostalgic in her approach, but futurist in her concepts. She strives to marry music, art and technology wherever possible, and actively imagines how African diaspora will be visualized in the future. Along with 3 established artists, she initiated Nine Nights, a music TV series presenting black music, visual art, film and performance worldwide whilst contributing to black-focused charities. She has collaborated with key figures in the black experimental space including music artist GAIKA on a commissioned live soundtrack for Khalik Allah’s cult film Black Mother, and building an AI-powered vocal symphony for Somerset House. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she created technology-laced educational art from her bedroom, starting an online-only series called Dystopian Futures, a collaborative interview and performance show looking at activism, art and technologies effects on shaping the future.

Film credits:

Director / editor: Jade Ang Jackman
Director of Photography: Kai Blamey
Steadicam: Junior Agyeman Owusu
Focus: Chris Hayden Gaffer: John Letsinger
Stylist: Neesha Tulsi Champaneria
Motion graphics: Kirsty Deacon
Colourist: Thierry Phung

Commissioned and produced by Somerset House Studios.

In partnership with British Council and MUTEK. Canadian Amplify artists are supported by the British Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.