A still from Nadeem Din-Gabisi, MASS (2020). It shows three people sat down, looking direct into the camera.

Appendix 005

23 May 2020

Our new Appendix feature unpacks references, influences and themes of the week’s online programme and announcements. A Saturday digest of sound, video and written content from across the internet; Appendix is a digital reading, watching and listening list for the extra-curious.

i.) Read: An interview with Laura Grace Ford (via Tribune Mag) on her zine Savage Messiah  counter-culture and unearthing the kernels of possibility in working-class life. Her audio work Open Your Palm, See The Dust Settling There is this week’s PAUSE feature; listen here.

Cover for Laura Grace Ford's Savage Messiah zine. It shows a drawing of a skeleton and the title Savage Messiah.

ii.) Watch: Nadeem Din-Gabisi’s new film MASS (2020). In his artist's stament about the work, Nadeem writes:

"The film speaks of multiple frequencies. It speaks of the coldness of a city, turning gaunt as you walk through, the displacement of a people cashed and carried beyond reference and meaning. It speaks of remembrance, remembering our home(s) resides within, not without. It speaks of communication, antennas, renewal, trinities and time."

Nadeem was the recipient of the London Fields Brewery bursary and was in residence at Somerset House Studios from 2018 – 2019. His podcast, How To Be Free is this week’s Deep Listen feature, listen here.

A still from Nadeem Din-Gabisi, MASS (2020). It shows two hands holding a TV aerial against a white backdrop

iii.) Read: Walk the lines by Will Wiles, who explores psychogeography and the dérive, prominent themes in the work of Laura Grace Ford.

iv.) Watch: From this week’s Transmissions broadcast artist, watch Mykki Blanco’s i-D documentary celebrating Johannesburg's born-free queer artists and activists.

v.) Listen: ocean clocks won't tell the time by Dan Evans, aka √p38, who led this week’s Mutant Promise workshop focused on harmony and tonality in digital music making. Mutant Promise is a DIY sound and music platform and, together with Somerset House Studios, they are hosting a series of online artist-led workshops for progressive music making in isolation.