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Appendix 009

04 Jul 2020

Appendix unpacks references, influences and themes from the week’s online programme and announcements. A Saturday digest of sound, video and written content from across the internet; Appendix is a digital reading, watching and listening list for the extra-curious.

i.) Listen: Sonic Cyberfeminisms @ Wysing Podcast. 
An ongoing project initiated by Marie Thompson and Annie Goh, who features in conversation with Jessica Ekomane for our Deep Listen feature this Sunday, Sonic Cyberfeminisms draws upon intersectional feminist praxis and the legacies of cyberfeminism. The project aims to foreground agendas of social justice in the domains of sound, gender and technology and, in doing so, develop critical cultural work.

This podcast, alongside an accompanying zine, emerged from a week-long residency at Wysing Arts Centre in 2018, is a collection of sounds, conversations, words and ideas brought together as part of the residency.

ii.) Watch: Fatoş Üstek, Curating beyond exhibition making at Rupert, Lithuania. 
Recently we announced a new two-month online residency in partnership with both Rupert and Lithuanian Culture Institute. Here, London based curator and DRAF director Fatoş Üstek presents a talk for Rupert’s TALKS series, touching on her work in which she aims to investigate the potential for curating both with and beyond institutional parameters, seeing curating is a form of agency that activates the social and public. 

iii.) ReadIain Forsyth and Jane Pollard: Influences for Frieze
From Samuel Beckett’s plays to Nick Cave’s music, the artists and filmmakers discuss the evolution of their artistic imaginations.

Earlier this week, Studios residents Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard released their new Coping Mechanisms podcasts for Somerset House, a series of conversations with artists and friends about their online lockdown projects and why we turn to the arts in times of crisis.

iv.) WatchDJ Marfox at Le Guess Who? 2019 via FACT. 
Alongside this week’s Deep Listen artist in focus Jessica Ekomane, DJ Marfox was among a selection of musicians commissioned by Natashcha Suder Happelmann to contribute sound for installation Tribute to Whistle, as part of the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019. Watch a clip of DJ Marfox’s set at 2019’s Le Guess Who? festival.

v.) Listen: Open Sources #23: Brasil & Cameroun via Cashmere Radio.  
Jessica Ekomane’s Open Sources show highlights diverse local scenes, focused thematics, as well as showcasing musicians and cultural actors from those local scenes to share their unique take on them. For this episode, Jessica presents a selection of music from Brazil, mainly tropicalia and baile funk, as well as half an hour of music from Cameroon as a tribute to Manu Dibango who passed earlier this year.