Deep Listen

Baroque Sunbursts: k-punk Revisited

03 May 2020

This week's Deep Listen focuses on the late cultural theorist Mark Fisher, known best for his k-punk blog and the incendiary Capitalist Realism, with the recording of a talk and group listening session celebrating his vision of a ‘social and psychic revolution', one of collective joy and care. Hosted by writer and author Dan Taylor and Tamar Shlaim (Repeater Books), the talk was recorded live as part of ASSEMBLY at Somerset House Studios in 2018.

In his more recent writings, Mark Fisher turned decisively to the conditions of collective joy and consciousness-raising in which a post-capitalist future might be imagined. Grouped loosely under his term ‘Acid Communism’, Mark’s unpublished work explored how art, music and carnivalesque moments like the rave could transform our shared perspectives on reality, leaving behind the ‘mandatory individualism’ and a dreary, overworked world, and rediscover ‘the spectre of a world which could be free’.

Deep Listen is a new weekly series for Somerset House Studios in which we share new and archival long-form audio content, featuring interviews, discussions and sound works. 

Baroque Sunbursts: k-punk Revisited was produced in partnership with Repeater.

Dan Taylor is a writer and the author of Negative Capitalism (Zer0, 2013) and Island Story (Repeater, 2016). Along with Studios resident Laura Grace Ford, Taylor previously hosted a fortnightly Mark Fisher Reading Group at Somerset House Studios. Tamar Shlaim is Editor-at-large at Repeater Books.