A photo of two phone screenshots, One shows skin and the other some underwear.

Body Scan - Erica Scourti

12 Aug 2020

For this week's PAUSE, a mid-week moment to connect with an artist's work in full, we share Erica Scourti's Body Scan.

Body Scan captures a process of photographing various parts of the artist’s body and parsing them through a visual search app, which attempts to identify them and link to relevant online data.

A documented gesture of mediated intimacy told through iPhone screenshots, the video narrates an exchange between lovers, while making literal the objectification of female bodies on the internet.


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About the artist

Erica Scourti’s work draws on personal experience to explore life, labour, gender and love in a fully mediated world. The artist works across text, video and performance. Her work Body Scan was exhibited as part of the Somerset House exhibition Big Bang Data in 2016.