Josiane M.H. Pozi: Marlonsworld

26 Aug 2021

Marlonsworld is a newly commissioned film by artist and filmmaker Josiane M. H. Pozi for Somerset House Studios' Gallery 31 exhibition Create, Capture, Organise, Pluralise, now available to watch online.

Documenting the mundane daily existence of living bodies, the intimate portrait piece is set against the backdrop of the current global pandemic. Following part-time actor, ice hockey player and nightclub photographer Marlon Williams over the course of a week, the work provokes questions around accountability of self in relation to the pursuit for one’s own happiness.

Having previewed a work in progress excerpt of the work as part of AGM 2020, Pozi presents the final film for Gallery 31, Somerset House Studios' exhibition space platforming work by resident artists and work developed through residency programmes.

Josiane M.H. Pozi is an artist and filmmaker. Her first solo show, Pingey, curated by Robert Snowden, took place at Gandt, New York (2020). Previously she has produced and screened work for South London Gallery in conjunction with Liz Johnson Artur’s solo show If you know the beginning, the end is no trouble (2019); for the Unorganised Response group exhibition at Auto Italia, London (2019); and for the performance Lifetime in collaboration with musician Klein at Serpentine Galleries Park Nights, London (2019). Pozi is currently in a two part group exhibition Tourism curated by Luca Beeler, Richard Sides and Judith Welter at Kunsthaus Kunsthaus Glarus and Stadtgalerie Bern. Pozi lives and works in London

'Marlonsworld' is commissioned by Somerset House with the support of the Adonveya Foundation.