London Design Biennale welcomes the world to our capital city

15 May 2018

It’s an exciting moment for London this September, as London Design Biennale will welcome the world to our capital city. 

Design teams from over 35 countries and cities will come to Somerset House and showcase their work in response to the theme of Emotional States.

So, what should you expect to see? Here is a glimpse into some of the installations that will be part of the Biennale this year. Keep up to date with the Somerset House blog as it explores more country and city installations over the coming months.


‘After Abundance’ is an experiential installation confronting issues surrounding climate change in Austria. Designed by Design Investigations Studio and curated by Thomas Geisler, visitors will be immersed in an environment which examines the looming ecological crisis. By exploring and examining first-hand narratives, stories, objects and media, visitors will understand the emotional tensions of future Austrians as they respond to its altered landscape.


'​The Canadians​'​ ​will be a ​360-degree immersive experience​, which will transport​ visitors from coast to coast as they reflect on Canada’s vast landscapes and local residents. The journey will tap into towns whose names are inspired by emotions, from Happy Adventure, Newfoundland to Hope, British Columbia.


Designed by Tu Taller Design and curated by David Del Valle this installation will encourage visitors to reflect on what they know about Colombia, to realise that despite the war and social conflicts, the country has grown, developed and evolved. The entry will allow visitors to experience a range of emotional states, the fear, shame, guilt, pride, happiness and joy that are felt by natives to the country.


When told not to do something, what do you think? When told to stop, what do you say? Greece's design explores this duality in the nature of disobedience. How can design evoke disobedience yet harness its constructive form? This interactive and kinetic installation designed Studio INI of Nassia Inglessis and team will explore every emotion attached to disobedient behaviour: from curiosity, frustration and temptation to excitement and wonder.


Guatemala has developed a textile installation, elaborated with hand-made materials to represent the breath-taking landscape of Lake Atitlán and bring visitors closer to Santa Catarina Palopó, a community where design is being used as a tool to promote sustainable economic​, ​cultural ​and emotional ​development.