A mix from Mutant Promise

05 May 2020

This week DIY sound and music platform Mutant Promise launch a series of online artist-led workshops for progressive music-making in isolation for Somerset House Studios' online programme. Taking place weekly throughout May, the series begins this Wednesday with an introduction to live coding from Joanne Armitage.

Ahead of the programme's first workshop, Mutant Promise share the first of a new series of monthly mixes. This month's instalment features new music from rkss, peb, Ana Quiroga, Nozomu Matsumoto, and Glass Salt, a new project by New York and Toronto based artists Johann Diedrick and Caylie Staples.

Ana Quiroga
Nozomu Matsumoto


Glass Salt - What Would You Say
rkss - Brostep in the Style of Florian Hecker
Jessica Ekomane - Common Fate
peb - Ocean Clocks Won't Tell the Time
Ana Quiroga - Prelude III
Shelob's Mate - ost to a video of an eye
Nozomu Matsumoto – Night I Disco
Joanne - ^1 + 2  
Mutant Promise is a programming, producing and artist booking platform supporting the work of musicians who combine a DIY and workshop practice with their performance, composition and release work.
Taking its title from Adam Harper’s ‘Evolution of Post-Internet Music’, Mutant Promise encapsulates a desire to work with artists who are restless with their medium, whose practice is to continually hack, modify, invent - mutate - the tools and instruments which they're given. The 'promise' is the certainty of the push forward that defines these tools, and how this process shapes new artistic practices in return.

Shelob's Mate