A still image from Adham Framawy's film. It shows a room that lit is entirely green with four people inside, dancing.

My fingers distended as honey dripped from your lips and we danced in a circular motion

13 May 2020

For our latest PAUSE, a mid-week moment to take in an artist’s work in full, we share with you My fingers distended as honey dripped from your lips and we danced in a circular motion by Adham Faramawy.

Egyptian, London-based artist Adham Faramawy’s 360° video features as part of our exhibition Mushrooms: The Art, Design & Future of Fungi. Faramawy’s experimental piece is hypnotic as it captures dancers in 360°, whilst animations of a fungus emerge, ultimately metabolising the work.

The work envisages how choreography, especially the historic form of the duet, produces and reinforces rigid gender roles, while at the same time drawing on homophilic literary and cinematic traditions.

The exhibition Mushroom celebrates the remarkable mushroom, and all the progressive, poetic and psychedelic wonder it evokes. Bringing together the work of over 40 leading artists, designers and musicians, Mushrooms looks at fungi’s colourful cultural legacy, as well as the promise it offers to reimagine our relationship with the planet.

Though the exhibition closed early because of lockdown, we hope to reopen the exhibition at some point in the summer, if it’s safe to do so. Watch this space for updates or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear.

A still from Adham Framawy's film, showing a green room with a digital rendering of organisms growing.


Video by Adham Faramawy, 2019
Performance & Choreographic Collaboration: Joseph Funnell, Fil Li, Owen Ridley DeMonick, Eve Stainton
With Thanks
Sam Williams
Camera: David Russell
Set and Production Assistance: Sarah Hall
Further Assistance: Adrian Mismo
VFX and Animation: Tom Kemp
Sound Mix: junior XL
Further post-production assistance with thanks to Richard Hall
Supported by Collusion