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Upgrade Yourself: Business Plan Ideas with Akil Benjamin

18 Jun 2020

The latest Upgrade Yourself featured Akil Benjamin, who offered brilliant insight and practical advice on how to develop business plan ideas, set personal goals, and bring value to the work you do. 

Watch Akil’s online session below and about hear how he approaches his working day while successfully juggling several projects at once and how he connects and collaborates across many creative sectors. There's lots of inspiration and top tips here, so be sure to grab pen and paper, sit back and enjoy.

Akil's top tips and practice advice

  • Start today and plot your milestones, refer to (SMART) goal
  • Be careful with money, have a spreadsheet tracking your income and outgoings, check in with an accountant once a month if you can.
  • If possible, every 6 weeks give yourself an extra day off for rest and reset, self-care is important.
  • If you can, every 8 weeks allow yourself a reading / research day 
  • Always consider the collective vision and your daily actions, write everything down.
  • Do the work and articulate what you have done, remember and value what you bring to the work you do! 

Some wise words from Akil to motivate and inspire

  • You think small, you stay small.
  • Is it raining outside or is it watering the earth?
  • After a forest fire, the soil is rich.
  • You do not need a plan, your team does.
  • You do not need the newest shiniest new tools, it’s what you do with them that counts.
  • Vulnerability can allow for trust points in relationship-based businesses.
  • Amplify your voice, capture your audience.


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Akil is part of the team at Comuzi Lab, a design invention studio and resident of Somerset House Studios.