Communities & Groups

Communities & Groups

We work closely with a number of groups, charities and organisations on tailored projects that open up our building and promote access to new audiences. Running exhibition tours and bespoke workshops we aim to inspire personal development through making, open discussion and collaboration.

By exploring our cultural programme and offering a look behind the scenes we try to expand the conversation around art and broader culture as well as presenting the variety of creative and career opportunities within the arts. We also look to take our work beyond Somerset House, meeting groups beyond our building in order to initiate relationships and understand individual and collective needs and interests.

Our work with communities and groups has included artist led workshops, tours of the Somerset House Studios and inviting organisations to collaborate with curators on our exhibitions. We look to provide a welcoming environment for all visitors and to engage with new audiences in mutually supportive, sustained projects.  

We are always looking to connect with new people. If you are interested in getting in touch please email our Learning and Skills Coordinator Sophia Hinton-Lever on

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