New Wing © Phillip Vile

New Wing

Originally built as townhouses to accommodate the Admiralty’s family, the New Wing was an additional section which completed the external facade of the estate, as well as providing more office space for Inland Revenue. Designed by Sir James Pennethorne, in two stages, combining both Victorian and Georgian architecture, its completion in 1856 was the last phase of a plan conceived some 80 years earlier by William Chambers.

Office Specifications

Office space ranging from 299 sq ft up to 966 sq ft and with a combined footprint of just under 3,500 sq ft.

Somerset House offers semi-serviced office space. This means we charge rent and service charge per sq ft. Service charge covers heating, electricity, water, cleaning of communal areas and a contribution to the upkeep of the estate. Rent and service charge is billed 3 months in advance and invoiced quarterly.

Additional costs include:

  • Business rates payable directly to Westminster Council
  • Telephony and IT
  • Building insurance recharge approx. £2 per sq ft
  • Office cleaning (a separate contract via our onsite providers)
  • VAT

If this creative environment suits your office needs we look forward to hearing from you.

Floor Plan

Somerset House New Wing Third Floor Floor Plan
Third Floor
New Wing © Phillip Vile


Our Criteria:

We look for applicants working in, or in support of, the creative industries, who want to play an active part in our community.

We aim to create an environment that stimulates creative projects and beneficial business for your organisation. Through collaboration and engagement, we encourage residents to work together; directly business to business or with Somerset House Trust.

Tapping into the wealth of talent within our community, we host a calendar of events, which brings together residents to learn new skills, create valuable connections, be inspired or simply unwind after work.  It includes networking events, skills sharing schemes, talks and screenings, and social gatherings. We also strive to work with our community on our diverse and dynamic cultural programme.

We are therefore looking for companies that are willing to contribute ideas, services, and skills to the community, whether it is being a professional mentor or a pub quiz master!

Apply for Office Space

Applications are welcome across all creative sectors. Having a multi-disciplined community is an important factor when selecting new residents. We do not seek to represent a specific genre of creative industry, but wish to house a range of talent and expertise.

Applications are welcome from organisations who meet the above criteria and in addition:

  • Are actively enthusiastic to share ideas and projects with a community of creative businesses
  • Have a UK presence
  • Have carefully read the criteria and feel that they would be a good addition to the community based here

We are always interested in hearing from companies that fit our criteria and wish to be a part of our creative community. If you would like to be considered for future space, please apply here.

New Wing Third Floor © Phillip Vile
New Wing © Phillip Vile