Resident Organisation

Calvert 22

Calvert 22 is a not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering young talent in the creative economy of the New East: Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia.

New Wing

Based in London, Calvert 22 has actively showcased the art and culture of the New East through exhibitions, talks and events since its founding in 2009.

Now situated at the intersection of culture, economics and the arts, the organisation works as a think net, building partnerships and collaborating with international companies and top universities to conduct research and deliver in-depth analysis on the creative industries of the region.

Post-Soviet Visions: a film on image and identity in the New East

In 2014, The Calvert Journal was launched as a project of Calvert 22. Today, the award-winning Journal is the world’s leading publication for culture, innovation, photography, and travel in the New East. In its daily features, news, photography and travel reports, The Calvert Journal stands apart for its wealth of original research, striking photography, and clarity of insight on a region that, despite its richness, often goes under-reported.

With an editorial team based in Somerset House, London, and a network of regional contributors from Warsaw to Vladivostok, the Journal seeks to bring context and insight to the places, people and creative projects of the region.