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Felcana revolutionises the way you look after your pet’s health. Controlled via Felcana’s app, Felcana tracks and monitors the activity and behaviour patterns of dogs and cats, helping you understand what is ‘normal’ for your pet.

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Founded by vets, Felcana understands how monitoring a dog or cat’s activity and behaviour can help show you how healthy they are. Felcana understands that dogs and cats can’t tell you when they’re feeling ill, but their Digital Pet Health Platform does. Felcana’s first product, Felcana Go, is the only clinical-grade pet activity monitor on the market, continuously gathering high-quality activity data about your dog or cat. They use data analytics to interpret any changes in your pet’s activity and generate personalised insights about their health. Together with your vet, Felcana helps identify early signs of health problems that would otherwise be too subtle to spot, helping you to predict, simplify and treat issues sooner and more cost-effectively. 

Their latest product, Felcana Go, accurately monitor your dog or cat’s activity and calories. Lightweight, waterproof, and bite-resistant, Felcana Go weighs less than 8 grams and attaches easily to any collar or harness. Felcana Go, the sleekest activity monitor on the market, checks on your pet over a billion times a year 24/7, helping you to keep an eye on your pet when you can’t. It also features an LED light that you can control via Felcana’s app - handy for evening walks.

Using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, Felcana interprets the activity data and displays clear and simple visuals on the Felcana app, to support pet owners with looking after their pet’s health. Taking into account your pet’s normal activity levels, Felcana can detect up to 90% of pet illnesses, helping veterinarians to spot subtle changes in behaviour and streamline diagnoses and treatment. Felcana’s insights improving the efficiency of veterinary care.