Resident Organisation

Music For Youth

South Wing
Somerset House
020 7759 1830

Music for Youth is a national arts organisation that provides 60,000 young people (aged 5-21) in the UK with opportunities to perform and participate in music making every year. Through a diverse annual programme of events and festivals, Music for Youth provides performance opportunities that create memorable experiences for young people, inspire a love of music and the performing arts, and in some cases transform lives. Our vision is to be the UK’s most respected provider of musical performance opportunities for young people and a keen supporter and partner of music education. We advocate for the promotion of musical diversity, inspiring young musicians, their peers, teachers and leaders from all backgrounds to progress and showcase the nation’s music. The annual programme of events include 50 Regional Festivals, a 5-day National Festival, 8 Primary Proms, Frequencies, Exchange in Scotland and the 3 annual Music for Youth Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

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