Rhea Storr - A Protest
Somerset House Studios resident

Rhea Storr

Artist and filmmaker working between analogue and digital practices.

Rhea Storr makes work about black and mixed-race identities, asking where images fail or resist us. She often works on 16mm film. Recent screenings include National Museum of African American History and Culture, US, European Media Art Festival, Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Kassel Doc Fest, Berwick Film and Media Art Festival and Aesthetica Short Film Festival. She is the winner of the inaugural Louis Le Prince Experimental Film Prize and teaches workshops at the film co-operative Not Nowhere.

A Protest A Celebration A Mixed Message (excerpt)

Rhea Storr’s Junkanoo Talk does something similar, using abstract visual language—extreme close-ups of colors, textures and patterns in motion—to conceal that which is being displayed, slowly showing more and more of her subject but never “revealing the full picture,” returning to concealment as soon as comprehension of the contents of the image seems near.

Matt Turner,-‘Live Streams: Berwick New Cinema’

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