Tehran  - Sasan T Farsani
Exchange resident

Symposia Iranica Trust

Somerset House
020 3239 5397

Connecting, challenging, educating, and inspiring early career scholars in the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences.

Symposia Iranica is a young, dynamic, and strategically driven philanthropic project. It was established to pilot a concept for a different type of academic conference – one that marries the economy, collegiality, and focus on junior scholars of a graduate conference with the breadth, academic intensity, polish and execution of an international convention. Growing out of Symposia Iranica’s Early Career Scholar’s Q&As, the Symposia Iranica Trust was founded in summer 2016 to develop and coordinate initiatives that inform, educate, reward, and support scholars in the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences in the early stages of their academic career.

In its first five years, the Trust will focus its activity predominantly on launching three major programmes:

1. Offering targeted financial support through an ongoing, year-round mixed purpose grant scheme;

2. Recognising and encouraging excellence in published research through prizes for articles by PhD students and post-docs;

3. Educating scholars on the challenges involved in building an academic career and strategies for preparing and/or tackling these through a series of guides. By supporting emerging scholars in these ways during this crucial phase at the start of their career, the Symposia Iranica Trust hopes to make an important contribution to this group’s prospects, ease some of the pressures that they face, and motivate them to pursue every avenue for personal growth, professional development, and academic excellence in their chosen fields.