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TRX is an online deal-making tool that enables TV rights buyers and sellers to connect and close more deals, more efficiently. On TRX entire licensing deals can be completed securely online – from discovering and screening content to negotiating a price and signing a contract. Rights shown to buyers are instantly available and buyers and sellers can negotiate a licensing deal through TRX’s unique DealGrid.

TRX makes available thousands of hours of quality programming previously either difficult or impossible to access for many broadcasters. For sellers, TRX unlocks underexploited value in their catalogues. For both buyers and sellers, TRX speeds up the whole deal-making process and makes it easier to manage. Launched in 2016, TRX was developed by experts from the worlds of TV distribution and technology, using marketplace technology already used widely in other industries.

TRX is a 100% owned subsidiary of Dial Square 86, a holding company established in 2015 to identify opportunities in the content markets.