SHS corridor

Studio Spaces

Somerset House Studios is housed in the New Wing at Somerset House, a Grade 1 listed building which remodelled the old Admiralty residencies to create new offices for the Inland Revenue in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Studios uphold this heritage in their refurbishment, offering affordable workspace for artists across a range of studio and desk spaces. Most studios are shared, with a small number available for solo occupation. Access is 24 hour but subject to a security notification process for late working.All residents also have access to a number of shared social spaces for meetings, eating and socialising. This includes access to the Snooker Rooms, a unique space refurbished from the old Inland Revenues recreation spaces housing a kitchen, pool table, darts boards, screening and DJ facilities and a full sized snooker table.

Available spaces


Large Single Occupancy Studio (£625.00 + VAT)

Shared Vault Floor – Vault 5

Lower Floor Split 50/50 – (£400.00 + VAT per month)

Vault Floor – Lower Vault 15

1 floor vault (£547.00 +VAT per month)

Whole Vault – Vault 10

Vault - upper and lower floors (£1590.00 + VAT per month) 1 floor vault (£795.00 +VAT per month)

Whole Vault – Vault 8

Vault - upper and lower floors (£1716.00 + VAT per month) 1 floor vault (£858.00 +VAT per month)

*NEW OFFER*Studio 48 - Block C&D

1 Large Bank of Desks (two blocks / 8 desks at £1100.00 +VAT per month)

1 Small Bank of Desks (one block / 4 desks from £557.97 +VAT per month)

Individual Desk (from £189.00+VAT)