Sleep Phase

The Sleep Phase is the longest stage of the circadian rhythm, but varies widely from five to eleven hours for an adult. In this phase, the hormone melatonin peaks, the body experiences its deepest sleep, lowest body temperature, alertness, and gastric activity. The ideal light condition is complete darkness, and lying is the ideal posture.

Fri 17.00 to 00.00 & Sat 09.00 to 17.00 | Interactive Installation – In Here / Out There - Sleepdome – Michaela French
In Here / Out There is an immersive cinema experience set within a dome that examines and dissolves the conceived boundaries between the self, here and out there. In the waking hours of the circadian cycle we navigate and negotiate the interrelation of these three spaces, but in sleep these boundaries are no longer differentiated.

In this 23-minute immersive audio-visual experience, you are invited to venture into the ambiguous territory between wakefulness and sleep, where the boundaries of self, here and out there begin to merge. Rhythms of light, movement, sound and scale integrate with physiology and breath to initiate states of rest and deep relaxation.

Sat 00.00 to 09.00 | Online Activity - See & Hear More Overnight @somersethouse #247Exhibition