The Films of My Life: In Conversation with Peter Webber

Wed 21 Aug 2019
19.00 - 20.00
Screening Room
South Wing

We are thrilled to welcome Peter Webber, the director of our Closing Night UK Premiere Inna De Yard, to Somerset House to discuss a life in film that spans an early passion for cinema as a schoolboy, a string of acclaimed documentaries and television series and a feature-film career that began with his multi-Oscar and BAFTA nominated debut Girl with a Pearl Earring. Along the way there’ll be a chance to hear from Webber about the art, music and films that have inspired and influenced him. And we bring things up-to-date with an insiders’ look at the making of the soaring documentary Inna De Yard, a labour of love that took Webber around the world to experience the songs and stories of the heroes of reggae.