A still from Tabita Rezaire's MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, Tabita stands in a flowing pink, satin gown and head wrap, against a digital backdrop of a green aerial view of land mass and the deep blue of sky.
New Commission
Somerset House Studios

Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy | Tabita Rezaire: MerKaBa For The Hoeteps

02 Feb - 07 Mar 2021

Artist Tabita Rezaire presents MerKaBa For The Hoeteps, a new online commission for collective healing as part of Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy.

Shared across many lands and hearts since 2016, this meditative journey into the wisdom of Kemetic yoga comes to you online as an invitation to awaken your inner being. 

In these times of ultra-disconnection, ancient African teachings can offer guidance to reconnect with ourselves. The spiritual technology of Kemetic yoga enables us to remember our divine creative essence through the science of breath, geometrical alignments, ancestral embodiment, storytelling and sound.  

Kemetic yoga is a contemporary spiritual system inspired by the ancient African sciences, cosmologies, and practices of Kemet (ancient Egypt). This healing process based upon deep breathing, meditation, and a set of geometrical postures, connects us to Kemetic ancestors to experience the cosmic forces of nature.

Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy is a dynamic programme of new commissions, films, workshops, and conversations considering both our individual health and collective wellbeing by exploring societal and ecological issues that affect both people and planet.   


About the artist

Tabita Rezaire is an artist-healer-seeker working with screens and energy streams. Her cross-dimensional practice envisions network sciences – organic, electronic and spiritual – as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Navigating digital, corporeal and ancestral memory as sites of resilience, she digs into scientific imaginaries to tackle the pervasive matrix of coloniality that affect the songs of our body-mind-spirits. Tabita is based in Cayenne, French Guiana, where she is birthing Amakaba - her vision of collective healing in the Amazonian forest. 

MerKaBa For The Hoeteps [Recorded Version], 2020. Commissioned by Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst and Somerset House Studios.

Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy is kindly supported by the Adonyeva Foundation.