Hong Kong


Sensorial Estates

The Hong Kong Pavilion focuses on the exploration of how the sensorial experience of smell heightens nostalgia and memory within our everyday lives, how smells can take us back to physical places and states of being. This installation explores the various smells of the city of Hong Kong, and the stories told by selected cultural icons and experiences through design objects that represent the locality and regionality of Hong Kong.

Curated objects and imagery will explore iconic and nostalgic representations of Hong Kong as a place of memory, while the visitor interacts with the installation space through both sight and smell by way of a series of boxes with aroma infused objects and scratch-and-sniff wallpapers.


  • Design Team: WE-DESIGNS, LAByrinth PROJECT
  • Designers: Wendy W Fok, Camila Varon and WE-DESIGNS (Spatial), Elaine Young (Design Objects)
  • Curator: Wendy W Fok & Lillian He (Social Media), Camila Varon (Producer), Elaine Young (Design Objects) 
  • Supporting Bodies: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London; Jeffrey Sun, New York; WE-DESIGNS, Hong Kong/New York; LAByrinth PROJECT, Hong Kong / New York