Somerset House Studios

Music Hackspace Software Workshop – Make music with code, with Alex McLean AKA Yaxu

Wed 07 Jun 2017
New Wing

Learn about making music with code using TidalCycles. Tidal has been developed by Alex over many years, initially for making broken dance music at events now known as “Algoraves,” as well as free Jazz improv, although it is now a free/open source software project with a growing community of users applying it to diverse musics. This is an introductory workshop appropriate for anyone, including those with no programming and/or music-making experience. It’ll introduce Tidal’s notation of polyrhythmic rhythm, its library of pattern transformations, how to combine these simple parts into complex results, and how to use them in performance, culminating in an algorithmic drum circle.

Requirements: You will need your own computer (OSX / Windows/ Linux), and a pair of headphones.

Alex Mclean makes music under the name Yaxu, along with collaborations under the names Canute and Slub.

Yaxu + Rituals @ Idle Chatter, Salford