Perfume Lab Residencies: Paul Schütze

Sun 09 Jul 2017
11.00 -17.00
Free with exhibition entry

The Perfumer will be in the lab 11.00-12.00 & 13.00-17.00. They will deliver a short informal talk at 14.15-14.45. Access is free with exhibition entry but capacity may be limited at certain times.

Perfume Lab
East Wing Galleries

An expert perfumer takes up residency within the Perfume Lab to showcase the art and science of crafting a fragrance.

On selected Sundays the Perfume Lab will be occupied by expert perfumers investigating a key part of the olfactory practice within the exhibition itself. This unique open lab experience will allow visitors to see the precision, craft and artistry that goes into fragrance creation, as well as ask questions, smell individual ingredients and get a genuine insight into the process behind perfumes.

Each resident will explore a particular theme related to their work throughout the day and will host an informal talk 14.15-14.45.  

The lab residencies are drop-in and free with exhibition entry, capacity may be limited during busy times. Parts of the session may be interactive but these are not hands on workshops.

Structure and Sense

Paul Schütze, multi sensory artist and perfumer will be using the ingredients and elements within the lab as a springboard for the cross-pollination of the creative process. Looking at the intersection of the senses, architecture and memory Paul created the long term project Dressing the Air which is as an encyclopedic resource that explores a variety of sensory reactions to different structures, sculptures and landscapes. This multi sensory, multi disciplinary ethos feeds into Paul's work in which he has used video, sound, photography and fragrance, most recently establishing the Paul Schutze perfume label earlier this year.