PROCESS! Communal Table – Public Call to Partake

Platform your work to the Process! Festival public. Drop off a publication and share your creativity with a new community.

The zine fair isn’t the only place to get your wares seen at PROCESS! A Communal Table will be showcasing zines from across the UK and beyond and you are very welcome to bring your own zine and publications to add to the table.

Simply bring your zines (1 copy of each, max 3 zines) on Saturday 21 July at 11.00 and drop them off to OOMK at the signposted artist entrance on Somerset House River Terrace, accessed via a link bridge off of Waterloo Bridge. Return to pick your zines up from the same desk at the end of the event on Sunday 22 July at 20.00, any zines left behind will be donated to OOMK's zine collection. 

Zines will not be available to sell, but handy info slips and paperclips will be available for you to add all your vital info so that people can easily find out more or buy your zine online.