Skate All-Nighter

07 - 08 Dec 2019
23.00 - 07.00
The Edmond J. Safra
Fountain Court

For the first time in Skate's 20-year history, the rink stays open all night long.

To coincide with 24/7, a timely exhibition examining our non-stop culture, we're excited to present London's first all-night ice skating event, as our ice rink stays open for 24 hours.

Day or night, Somerset House has always been the best place to embrace new experiences, and we now invite all shift-workers, night owls, insomniacs and thrill-seekers to come ice-skating in the middle of the night or wee small hours. There'll be £5 tickets and surprises throughout the night, including one Golden Ticket upgrade each hour.

With 24/7 also staying open through the night, this is your chance to see Somerset House in a new light in what is sure to be a truly unforgettable experience.