Enjoy delicious treats at Fortnum’s Lodge after you skate. All designed for two to share.

All Skate Extras are served at the Fortnum’s Lodge in Fortnum's Christmas Arcade at Somerset House, and are available day and night.

To book these extras, select your preferred ice skating date and session time, you will then see an option to add a Skate Extra. We suggest booking your table time 20 minutes after your skate session finishes, then follow the sales prompts to purchase.

Each Skate Extra is designed for two, please select 1 package per 2 people.

You will receive your ice skating tickets as well as the ticket for your booked Skate Extra in the Fortnum’s Lodge via email within 24 hours of purchase.

For any questions about the offer or dietary requirements please email reservations@fortnumandmason.co.uk

Apple and Cinnamon Lattice with Black Cherry Bellinis for Two
£30.00 for two people, when purchased with Skate tickets
For this chilly winter classic, flaky and buttery pastry is filled with piping hot home-made apple and cinnamon sauce, accompanied by cooling crème fraiche. Served with two Black Cherry Bellini cocktails, topped up with Fortnum’s Champagne.

Chocolate Fondue & Champagne for Two
£38.00 for two people when purchased with Skate tickets

‘Tis the season for extravagance, and what better way to indulge than with bubbles and chocolate? Two glasses of Fortnum’s Champagne accompany this decadent chocolate fondue served with a host of delicious things to dip. Christmas treats come no sweeter. 

Mushroom Cheese Fondue & Wine for Two
£40.00 for two people when purchased with Skate tickets

Made with a trio of distinct cheeses – Comte, Raclette and Gris Bleu – and a combination of sautéed mushrooms, Fortnum’s take on the original Swiss winter warmer is not to be missed. Served with dippable savoury treats and accompanied by an exceptional glass of wine, handpicked by Fortnum’s experts.

Baked Camembert & Red Wine for Two
£42.00 for two people when purchased with Skate tickets

Fortnum’s soft, creamy Camembert has a gooey and fragrant centre, and is served with hot brioche loaf and port and apricot chutney – making for a warming and delicious post-skate treat. Particularly so, when enjoyed with a glass of red wine, hand-picked by Fortnum’s wine experts.

Red Wine, Baked Camembert & Brioche Sharing Board
Red Wine, Baked Camembert & Brioche Sharing Board
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