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Dedicated to backing newness, championing openness, nurturing creativity and empowering ideas, Somerset House’s cultural programme is ambitious in scope. We insist on relevance, but aren’t afraid of irreverence, and are as keen on entertainment as enrichment. 

The inability to switch off has become one of the most important issues of our time. Since 2010 we’ve added a full week (37 hours) to our working year, yet 200,000 working days are now lost annually due to insufficient sleep.  Britain has become a nation of night owls, with almost half of the country (48%) regularly going to bed after 11pm.  Living in the glow of blue light, people in the UK now check their smartphones, if averaged over 24 hours, every 12 minutes.

This Autumn, Somerset House presents 24/7, a landmark exhibition examining our inability to switch off from our 24/7 culture, through a series of immersive works from some of today’s most exciting global artists.

For the ultimate 24/7 experience you can privately hire the exhibition out of hours, followed by an evening reception in our Great Arch Hall.

Within the reception space you will experience a new live data visualisation created by Somerset House Studios resident Tekja. The three-dimensional projection displays live data revealing the rhythms of sleeplessness worldwide and exploring the relationship between time and sleep in the connected 24/7 world.

Please do get in touch with the Sales team on 0207 845 4618 or events@somersethouse.org.uk for more information. Our experienced, in-house team would be delighted to assist you.

Image courtesy of Douglas Coupland, Slogans for the 21st Century, and Heidi Coppock-Beard, via Getty Images