Plan your visit - The Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court, Somerset House, Image by Kevin Meredith

Filming and Photography

Below you can find out our listed policies and procedures for filming and photography at Somerset House.

Somerset House is a private site operated by Somerset House Trust, a charity which receives no public funding. We need to generate all our income through private sources in order to maintain this heritage site for the public to enjoy, to deliver our wide-ranging cultural programme and to create learning and engagement opportunities for people of all ages. We also need to protect the commercial use of images of Somerset House.

Visitor filming and photography

We want all our visitors to enjoy their time at Somerset House, and taking and sharing photos of our beautiful location for personal use can be part of that experience.

If strictly for personal use only (ie not sold or shared for profit or promotion), you may film or photograph in the public spaces of Somerset House. Tripods and monopods are not permitted. When taking footage or stills, please be considerate of our other visitors. If you are obstructing any right of way, or in any way impeding other visitors’ enjoyment of the site, we will ask you to stop.

We strive wherever possible to permit personal filming and photography inside our events and exhibitions, but this may vary according to our agreements with external loan providers. Please check in advance, or speak to one of the team inside the event or exhibition and they will be able to advise you.

Please be aware that if you appear to be taking photographs on site for anything other than personal purposes, our Front of House or security staff will approach and speak to you to ascertain your intentions. If you are filming or taking photographs for commercial or editorial purposes without advance written permission, you will be asked to stop, and we reserve the right to ask that image or footage files are deleted. We will inform you of the appropriate channels of communication.

Location filming and photography for commercial and broadcast purposes

With a variety of spaces, from the neoclassical courtyard to subterranean streets, Somerset House has provided the backdrop to a host of Hollywood blockbusters, award-winning television shows, advertising campaigns and many more commercial purposes.

To see our available areas to hire for filming and photography, please click here.

To discuss in further detail, please fill in the contact form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Any filming and photography for commercial purposes must be arranged in advance and we reserve the right to stop any commercial filming and photography which has not been appropriately authorised.


This must be arranged in advance and authorised. For all enquiries regarding wedding photography, please contact the Commercial Events team on or call+44(0)207 845 4618. If you are hosting your wedding at Spring Restaurant and want to enquiry about wedding photography, please email the Visitor Experience team on


Somerset House Trust’s Press team is always happy to hear from members of the media who would like to arrange a shoot relating to Somerset House and its cultural programme.

Please contact or +44(0)207 845 4624 to talk through your requirements.

Please note that as a site which is open for the public’s enjoyment for 364 days of the year, we regret that we cannot accommodate all requests.

Any filming and photography for editorial purposes must be arranged in advance and we reserve the right to stop any editorial filming and photography which has not been appropriately authorised.


Any students wishing to arrange filming or photography on site require advance written permission, allowing for a minimum 48 hours' clearance. Students wishing to enquire about filming or photography on site should email