Support Us


Somerset House is an entirely self-funded charity that does not receive any regular public funding. Realising our full potential as the home of cultural innovators is only possible thanks to the commitment of supporters and partners of all kinds. 

Individuals can join our Supporters’ Court patrons’ group, give artists stability through our One-to-One programme or support aspiring creatives at the start of their careers through Somerset House’s Young Talent Fund. We are proactive in working with brands and corporate partners across a range of programmes and events from Skate to the Black Business Residency, whilst trusts and foundations have played a fundamental role in the constant renewal of our historic site and the expansion of our inclusive talent programmes.  

We invite individuals, brands, trusts and foundations to step inside the world of Somerset House and to engage with the artistic and social innovation happening here, getting closer to our audiences and to the artists and creative thinkers who call Somerset House home.