Somerset House Studios

2018 Highlights

Marie McPartlin

Director, Somerset House Studios

02 Jan 2018

Somerset House Studios Director Marie McPartlin presents a list of cultural highlights for 2018.

We saw Zuli in the belly of Selfridges earlier this year. This new commission for Berlin’s CTM 2018 will see him create an installation from 3D footage & field recordings made on the streets of his home town, Cairo.


2017 saw the opening of new ale and rave space Five Miles in Tottenham. Lots of good stuff here but special mention for Darkroom with Willow and Turinn on 27 January.   

Last year also saw the launch of new monthly art and politics show Suite (212) on Resonance FM hosted by Juliet Jacques. January's episode guests are to be announced but this show featuring Laura Grace Ford on Grenfell is important listening.

A--Z (Anne Duffau) has been running an excellent series of solo exhibitions at StudioRCA Riverlight exploring displacement and otherness. Next up our own Erica Scourti in Febuary.

Klein both headlines at Cafe Oto and presents a new opera, Care, at the ICA in Feb. We loved EP Tommy, which came out on Hyperdub last year. But her performance, aesthetic, flyer design, Instagram, numerous collaborations - all of it demonstrates a totally unique voice and a wicked sense of humour. We’re excited she and musician Jacob Samuel have bought their new curational platform ALBUM CORP to Somerset House Studios.

Klein - Runs Reprise

LSFF opens at the ICA on Jan 12 with Adrena Adrenas Movements of a Nebulous Dawn, a one-off audiovisual collaboration with a ‘360-degree nebulous orb’. SO far, so mysterious with a stella line-up featuring E-da Kazuhisa (Boredoms), Geraldine Swayne (Faust), Colin Newman (Wire), Malka Spigel (Minimal Compact) and Kenichi Iwasa.

UK premiere of UNIEQAV, a new audio-visual performance from artist and musician Alva Noto, at the Barbican in March.

Alva Noto – UNIEQAV

London debut from Zonal (The Bug / Justin Broadrick) who we caught courtesy of our friends at Supersonic in June. They play Corsica Studios in April, with the ever brilliant Moor Mother in support.

We worked with gallery Banner Repeater, located on the platform of Hackney Downs Station for the first time this year, during which they secured an agreement with TfL safeguarding their existence until 2020 at least. Really looking forward to seeing how they celebrate this in 2018.

Banner Repeater

New anthology to be released by Repeater Books by the end of 2018 from the sadly missed writer and cultural theorist, Mark Fisher.

Watch out for more mixes from the ever excellent Blowing Up The Workshop.