Somerset House Studios

Arts in Society

19 Jan 2018

How can academics and artists work together to offer new perspectives on urgent contemporary issues? 

Arts in Society is a partnership between Somerset House Studios and King’s College London which pairs Studios residents with King’s researchers.  As artists team up with academics, the collaborations aim to bring new perspectives on urgent contemporary social issues. Over the course of 2017, six Studios residents researched subjects as diverse as sexual consent, migration, the politics of black queer sound, and food porn, which will inform the work being developed in residence at Somerset House. 

Studios recipients of the 2017 awards are: Burton Nitta; Deborah Pearson; Evan IfekoyaImran PerrettaPhoebe Davies and Makerversity member Anne Frobeen.

The culmination of these collaborations can be seen in a series of short films.

Migrant Agency and the Moving Image

Imran Perretta, Dr. Leonie Ansems de Vries and Signe Sofie Hansen explore the ongoing “refugee crisis”, through a three week research trip to the recently dissolved camps of Calais and Dunkirk.

Migrant Agency & The Moving Image | Arts In Society

Work Out

Phoebe Davies with historians Dorothee Boulanger and Dr Alana Harris researched issues of sexuality and consent, masculinity and male privilege within educational contexts working with academics, artists, students, educators and activists to examine different methodologies exploring the sexual politics of body in institutional spaces (particularly the modern university).


Work Out | Arts In Society

Food Fictions

Burton Nitta and Dr Christine Barnes researched the stories told about food through the media and the impact on food culture and identity making.

Food Fictions

Rest in Public Space

Makerversity resident Anne Frobeen and Dr Luke Dickens examine new approaches to the function of public space in the context of contemporary urban life.

Rest in Public Space | Arts in Society

Boom! The Politics of Black Sound

Evan Ifekoya and Dr Madison Moore research the politics of black queer club spaces through the history of sound system culture in London in the 80s and 90s.

Boom! The Politics in Black Sound

The Filibuster 

Deborah Pearson and Professor Anna Snaith explore public discourse and women.  As part of the research they presented The Filibuster, a 12 hour durational piece inviting women to take up space and speak.

Filibuster | Arts in Society