Somerset House Studios

Deconstructing a rave

26 May 2017

Listen to highlights from Dismantle Yourself, a night of electronic music curated by Associate Artist Graham Dunning, which delves into the processes and foundations beneath the basslines and rhythms. 

Continuing Somerset House Studio’s late night series of guest curations deep inside The Deadhouse, Associate Artist Graham Dunning presents Dismantle Yourself, featuring homemade circuitry, mechanical techno, algorave and manual triggers.

Ewa Justka, Dismantle Yourself, Photo by Theo Cottle

The deconstructed rave featured performances from Ewa Justka, a Polish electronic noise artist, self taught instruments builder and electronics teacher based in London; Algobabez, live-coding duo Joanne Armitage and Shelly Knotts; and dtub, musician, composer and sound artist Jaxson Payne who uses an electronic drum kit in his performance to trigger samples from a custom library of thousands of carefully chosen sounds.

Algobabez, Dismantle Yourself, Photo by Theo Cottle