Deep Listen

Deep Listen: Vessel & Rakhi Singh

31 Jul 2020

For this week's Deep Listen, we're guided through an hour of music from producer Seb Gainsborough aka Vessel and collaborator and violinist Rakhi Singh, with the artists drawing parallels between composers and musicians past and present – connecting Heinrich Biber with Lorenzo Senni, Jean-Phillippe Rameau to Actress, Stravinsky and RP Boo alongside much more.

Recorded during his short-term residency at Somerset House Studios, Gainsborough spent two months producing a new work for presentation at 2018's ASSEMBLY. Titled Passion, the piece combined voices, strings, percussion and electronics in a work that, broadly inspired by Brazilian novelist and short story writer Clarice Lispector's The Passion According to G.H., aimed to be a brief moment of insanity.

'I often feel the presence of a madness close by; the few degrees between control and collapse compel and terrify me; like standing on a ledge in a hot wind; performing a distorted character, the world never quite coming into focus; gritted teeth; I have a need for the strange, to feel estranged from myself, to get lost; to stop; to become still and uninterested and alive'.

Clarice Lispector, 'The Passion According to G.H.'

Due for release later this year, Gainsborough recently shared Passion's opening movement as part of his mix for Crack magazine, available to listen to here