Deep Listen

Deep Listen: Wysing Polyphonic x Somerset House Studios

04 Sep 2020

To mark The Ungoverned, this weekend’s online iteration of Wysing Polyphonic, the annual music festival from friends of Somerset House Studios Wysing Arts Centre, this week’s Deep Listen revisits a podcast recorded onsite at last year’s festival, guest curated by the Studios team. 

With contributions from Annie Goh and Natalie Hyacinth (Sonic Cyberfeminisms), Emma SmithZiúrRoy Claire Potter and NSDOS, we hear the artists discuss explore the idea of silence and how this can be disrupted, interjected or accepted in progressive ways, using an excerpt of Audre Lorde’s seminal text Your Silence Will Not Protect You as a jumping off point for artistic discussion.

Somerset House Studios were invited to guest curate the 2019 edition of Wysing Polyphonic. Considering the legacy of Wysing Arts Centre as a place where artists meet and experiment, the programme explored connection beyond the physical: connection as a channel of communication; an incantation, returning, or heralding; the calling on an ‘other’ or unknown to understand different worlds and possibilities.  
This podcast was produced by Femi Oriogun-Williams for Reduced Listening. Commissioned by Somerset House Studios.