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Enter the world of Jacob Samuel

27 Sep 2018

One half of Album Corp, Jacob Samuel introduces a playlist ahead of AGM, a one night building takeover by Somerset House Studios artists taking place on Friday 05 October.

Fortnite - Boogie Down Bass Boosted

A couple of months ago Epic Games (Fortnite people) held a contest to add a new dance emote to the game. There was huge popularity around this competition but due to the already huge popularity of Fortnite the contestants couldnt upload any music to their submissions. What followed was a lot of silence and some muffled movements. I bass boosted the f*ck out of these sounds and it serves as a good opener, physical. Most of the time you’re adding cultural flavour text to an organisations commercial development. Sometimes its good to hear some breathing...

Woah Vicky - @%*^& !*($

An instagram person, following the Bhad Barbie meme period - that went into some decent music, at least one song. I don’t know what this is. A diss aimed at Ricegum that, although he’s pretty shitty, just flies way off the mark. I censored this version after her team decided to take it down. I don’t really know who she is, a person emulating a person who emulated images of someone else. So when it comes to getting meaning from this or having some criticism where do you start/stop. This is dumb but it does the same thing to you that music that you dance to does.

Jitwam - Desires

Does that stuff that only good stuff can do, like rhyming Hey with Hey. There’s a sequence of reduction, especially in music, that allows a little to say a lot. The conversations that music can have with itself are always more important than the conversations about that, like meaning usurping itself and words showing they can have no meaning by meaning everything. And you can dance to music which is cool.


Lil B - I'm God

This is kinda old now, maybe i wouldnt play it or as often as i would if i was picking it like this. But im such a huge fucking fan, and i guess with this song im talking about Mac Miller because of the Clams Casino link, and thats very recent. And you cant go back over something but you can experience parts of it again. Things repeat, until memory serves no purpose but to illuminate action. Good songs are good for freeing up time that way.

BB Baklava - Bang

A new artist im working with, hopefully for a release this year. We met near a koi pond, the water was really low and seemed as though it had been for years. The fish swam very ably on their sides with one eye facing the sky and one the rock below. Although this felt like it meant something in reality this sequence probably wasnt good for anyone involved.


Further listening 

Listen to the latest Somerset House Studios podcast with Jacob Samuel as he talks bots, Oasis and recent projects including If You Die in Roblox You Die IRL, and making music with musician/saxophonist Ben Vince.

Recorded earlier in the summer Jacob Samuel introduces the concept underpinning the work If You Die in Roblox You Die IRL, an adaptive audio/visual installation by Album Corp presented at the exhibition Complex Value$. With visuals and text by Jacob Samuel and music by Klein, the virtual world constructs and dissembles itself according to the statistics created by live birth and death rates. Based on online gaming environments and on what is left over by these when they cease to be used.

Album Corp is a collaboration between South London based artist Klein and musician Jacob Samuel. Their practice explores sounds, the movement within sisterhood and the idea of vulnerability with youth.