A visitor interacts with Mat Collishaw's 'The Machine Zone' in the 24/7 exhibition at Somerset House

The Machine Zone

06 Dec 2019

Artist Mat Collishaw introduces The Machine Zone, a new work for our 24/7 exhibition. The work explores the idea of random reward which underpins the algorithms driving social media interactions.

Mat Collishaw makes work that envelops the viewer in a twilight world poised between the alluring and the revolting, the familiar and the shocking, the poetic and the morbid.

For 24/7 Collishaw has created a new work, based on the historic behavioural experiments of American psychologist B.F. Skinner. Six animatronic birds will move inside ‘Skinner boxes’, exploring the idea of random reward, which underpins the algorithms driving social media interactions and has been linked to our likelihood to become addicted to them.