Woman laughing in Boulevard Brasserie restaurant

Mushroom Restaurant Trail

13 Mar 2020

Feast on some fabulous fungi-themed dishes at restaurants around Covent Garden's Opera Quarter this spring in celebration of our exhibition Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi

Looking at art can be hungry work. Thankfully, a range of restaurants and bars around Somerset House have been working their magic in response to our Mushrooms exhibition. Follow our Mushrooms Restaurant Trail after paying a visit to the exhibition for a fungi-fuelled culinary journey around the world through a myriad of mushroom-inspired meals.

A bowl of shiitake mushrooms with soya glaze and smoked tofu on a table where a woman sits holding a glass of red wine at Grays & Feather
Shiitake Mushrooms with Soya Glaze and Smoked Tofu, Grays and Feather

Head out of Somerset House across the Aldwych for your first stop, where mischievous wine parlour Grays & Feather are offering up a shiitake mushroom, soya glaze and smoked tofu canapé to whet your appetites. A couple of doors down at Champagne + Fromage, dive into an oozing baked camembert with black truffle and port, before heading around the corner for a bite sized portion of mushroom arancini perfection at Angela Hartnett's seasonal Italian restaurant Café Murano.

A bowl of mushroom arancini and a glass of red wine on the bar at Cafe Murano
Mushroom Arancini, Café Murano
A woman eats baked camembert with black truffle and port in Champagn + Fromage
Baked Camembert with Black Truffle and Port, Champagne + Fromage

"We wait in anticipation to see what nature brings us – from the beginning of the Spring Morels followed by the late summer/autumn Porcini and into the prized winter truffle ... mushrooms are the prize of any forager and you never quite know what you're going to get which creates inspiration in the kitchens"

Samantha Williams, Executive Chef Café Murano

Fungi have always been in safe hands with the Italians and pasta lovers will be glad to discover an indulgent dish of indulgent truffle and pecorino ravioli from award-winning San Carlo Group's all-day Venetian dining spot Cicchetti. Forage further and you'll find more truffles at Double Shot Coffee who are serving up their forest mushrooms and truffle on toast. Made with porcini mushrooms and truffles from Bulgaria and cheddar cheese on a fluffy toasted brioche, this one really is the perfect brunch dish.

A woman sat in a yellow high-backed velvet armchair eats mushrooms and truffles on toast
Forest Mushrooms and Truffle on Toast, Double Shot Coffee
A plate of truffle and pecorino ravioli at Cicchetti restaurant in Covent Garden
Truffle and Pecorino Ravioli, Cicchetti

Continuing the theme, classic French eatery Boulevard Brasserie are serving up their version of mushrooms on toast in the form of a delectable wild mushroom tartine, whilst neighbouring bistro Café Rouge are doing a special wild mushroom risotto with oyster, shiitake and chestnut mushrooms, watercress and baby spinach.

A person cuts into a plate of wild mushrooms on toast at Boulevard Brasserie restaurant
Wild Mushroom Tartine, Boulevard Brasserie

Fancy a street food fix? Look no further than Korean street food masters On The Bab’s fluffy mushroom bao buns filled with crispy, fried mushroom fritters. For more East Asian mushroom magic, tuck into Eat Tokyo’s Mushroom Itame (stir-fried enoki-Shimeji with oyster mushrooms) or hunker down with a warming mushroom wakame soup, a mushroom and Japanese seaweed soup with egg, onion and white sesame seeds.

A bowl of mushroom wakame soup at Eat Tokyo
Mushroom Wakame Soup, Eat Tokyo
A woman pours a cup of green tea in from of a plate of stir-fried mushrooms at Eat Tokyo
Eat Tokyo

Newly opened Portuguese restaurant Volta do Mar on Tavistock Street are serving an inventive vegan wild mushroom and cauliflower xacuti. Their twist on the traditional Goan curry comprises Hen of the Woods and King Oyster mushrooms as well as a healthy dose of coconut, both in milk form and grated. Around the corner, smokehouse specialists Bodeans bring the style and soul of Kansas City barbecue to London with their vegan pulled BBQ mushroom sandwich, packed with delicious umami flavour.

"Fresh or dried, with so much diversity, you never get bored cooking or eating mushrooms!"

Simon Mullins, owner Volta do Mar
A pulled BBQ mushroom sandwich and chips at Bodeans smokehouse
Pulled BBQ Mushroom Sandwich, Bodeans
A woman serves wild mushroom and cauliflower xacuti onto plates in Volta Do Mar restaurant
Wild Mushroom and Cauliflower Xacuti, Volta Do Mar

To satisfy a sweet tooth, head to Sugar Sin for your final stop, where you'll find an array of mushroom shaped sweets in a range of flavours, including caramel, liquorice and coconut, the perfect way to round off your fungi-filled day.

A person measure out mushroom sweets in Sugar Sin sweet shop
Sugar Sin

Take the Mushroom Restaurant Trail for yourself with our downloadable Google Map, featuring all the restaurants and descriptions of their signature mushroom dishes.

Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi is open until 26 April 2020, part of the Charles Russell Speechlys Terrace Rooms Series.