Perfume Pioneers: The Future of Fragrance

20 Sep 2017

Perfume is becoming a different kind of cultural experience. In this podcast, created for our exhibition Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent, practitioners and experts spanning the world of perfume look towards an exciting new future.

New ingredients are providing perfumers with further possibilities for experimentation. Perfumers are exploring novel ideas by embarking on projects with other artists - from photographers to musicians. Contributors explore how the principles of perfume will develop in our increasingly visually saturated world. Featuring:

Michael Edwards, fragrance expert, author, and founding editor of Fragrances of the World , the largest guide to perfume classification.

Paul Schütze, multi sensory artist and perfumer.

Timothy Han, perfumer, founder of Timothy Han / Edition.

Sumit Bhasin, Senior Vice President of R&D Luxury at Coty Luxury

Felix Mayr-Harting, Head of Fine Fragrances at Givaudan

Killian Wells, perfumer

Bertrand Duchaufour, perfumer

Roman Rappak and Timothy Han - Scent Synth Miro