Print! Podcast Series

08 Jun 2018

Get a first-hand insight into the world of magazine publishing with our Print! Tearing It Up podcast series. Hear how independent publishers have used the printed page to champion alternative voices, diverse subjectivities and feminist politics.

Featuring interviews with the likes of Marsha Rowe from Spare Rib, The Face and Time Out founders Nick Logan and Tony Elliott, along with editors of contemporary titles such as Sabat and Burnt Roti investigating topics as wide-ranging as witchcraft, contemporary letterpressing, graphic design and South Asian identity.

Sharan Dhaliwal, Editor in Chief of Burnt Roti (2016 - Present)

Giving a platform to South Asian voices that are traditionally underrepresented in mainstream media, editor in chief Sharan Dhaliwal talks about creating the magazine as a way of embracing her culture.

Marsha Rowe, Co-Founder of Spare Rib (1972 - 1992)

Recalling a world that was void of women in the newsroom, the co-founder of Spare Rib discusses bringing together influential women of the time to put a radical women’s magazine on the newsstand, a monthly journal that ran for 20 years following its launch in 1972.

Pat Randle, Co-Founder of Double Dagger (2017 - present)

Venture inside a traditional Heidelberg printing press with the founders of Double Dagger, a contemporary letterpress magazine with its roots in Glastonbury music festival.

John L. Walters, Editor of Eye (1990 - present)

The editor of the influential journal of graphic design and visual culture discusses the magazine's launch following the fall of the Berlin Wall, exploring its continued spirit of independence and its ongoing commitment to print in a changing landscape of digital communication.

Ian Gabb aka Letterpress Monster

Learn more about the tactility of printing ink on paper using the traditional letterpress method from the Royal College of Art’s letterpress technician. Originating in China and Korea, its a process that requires patience and champions the concept of craft that has seen a resurgence in recent years.

Nick Logan, Founder of The Face (1980 - 1999)

Think on your feet, follow your instincts - the founder of iconic style magazine The Face talks about the fertile years of the early 1980s that saw him launch this groundbreaking title that revolutionised the way the media spoke to young people.

Alpa Depani, Editor of ROMP (2017 - present)

The editor of architectural zine ROMP shares how she was inspired by mail-order music zines of years gone by, and how our ideas of what is immediate have changed with digital and social media. A free, handmade and irreverent publication that stands in contrast to highly serious, stylised architectural media, its first issue explored housing in the wake of Grenfell.

Elisabeth Krohn, Editor and Creative Director of Sabat (2016 - 2017)

A magazine of contemporary witchcraft and feminism, editor and creative director Elisabeth Crohn introduces her esoteric publication and talks about finding fellow modern witches on Instagram.

Rhona Ezuma, Editor in Chief of Thiiird (2017 - present)

Bringing together individuals from different walks of life, THIIIRD is a journal of fashion, art and writing, giving a platform to queer and ethnic minority voices that traditionally haven’t had a platform in mainstream, commercial media.

Tony Elliott, Founder of Time Out (1968 - present)

The founder of iconic listings magazine Time Out discusses its roots in the countercultural publishing of the 1960s and its evolution through a shifting publishing landscape through the decades.