Rye Wax

Rye Wax - Top Five Winter Records

Rye Wax Staff

07 Nov 2017

South London community music outlet Rye Wax takes over our ice rink for Skate Lates on 16 November, with a line-up of some of London's best emerging talent. Providing a platform to Peckham's thriving local music scene, the shop's staff have selected their five top local records for the winter season.

More Vocal by Tom Blip (West Friends)

Exciting third release from Rye Wax’s very own imprint West Friends by close pal Tom Blip (Blip Discs). Thumping ghetto-tinged 10” that will lift any DJ set- queer or otherwise. This is a stone-cold banger without a B-side.

WHYT13 by Avalon Emerson (Whities)

This is the second release of local label Whities from the US born producer and DJ Avalon Emerson. Now based in Berlin, this rising star brings a slice of trance-tinged techno, which comes with artwork designed to “facilitate a digital engagement with a physical release”. For her first release in a year, this record is basically unmissable.

Home Alone EP by FYI Chris (Church)

When their not serving records at Rye Wax and loitering behind the decks of our club nights, the FYI Chris guys make some of the best MPC-based, smoked-out, emotive House this side of Chicago. This one on local imprint and longtime ‘Waxers, Church, has been flying off the shelves and continues a great run of form in 2017.

Slow Oceans by Jumping Back Slash (Cotch International)

The debut release on Cotch International, a Peckham-based label focusing on new global hybrids and local talent, comes from the Cape Town-based producer Jumping Back Slash. Moody, expansive RnB vocals and melodies collide with hard-hitting South African rhythms, deep Junglist basslines and dreamy soundscapes.

Elevate by 30/70 (Rhythm Section)

Local legends Rhythm Section once again delve into the thriving Australian Neo-Soul scene and pluck this EP for your listening pleasure. Afrobeat, jazz-funk, broken beat, hip-hop and hazy downtempo grooves meet with soulful vocals for a 12” made to bring some warmth to your winter months!