Sunday Church with Ziúr

31 May 2020

Join a Sunday service with Berlin-based, experimental techno producer Ziúr in this week's Deep Listen.

Ziúr selects songs from Der Kindestod, Meuko! Meuko!, Nazar, Bliss Signal and more, originally broadcast as part of RADIO ASSEMBLY ~> in 2018.

The founder and resident DJ of ‘Boo-Hoo’, a night championing diverse lineups, bringing through the cream of the experimental dance underground, Ziur creates in a spirit of freedom and experimentation, taking seemingly incompatible influences and balancing them into a new and exciting sound. Her debut album ‘U Feel Anything?’ was release by Planet Mu in collaboration with Objects Limited, a label run by Lara Rix-Martin which releases music by women and non-binary people.

Ziúr performs at ASSEMBLY 2018 at Somerset House
Ziúr performs at ASSEMBLY 2018 at Somerset House

RADIO ASSEMBLY ~> was broadcast from Somerset House as part of ASSEMBLY 2018, five days of sound and performance extolling the best in contemporary electronic and experimental music and the makers behind it. Bringing together Studios artists, international talent and forward-thinking audiences, ASSEMBLY’s multi-disciplinary programme presented newly commissioned works alongside several first performances and UK premieres.