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11 Dec 2018

London-based project patten, renowned for their hi-tech immersive AV shows and multi-platform approach, have created a new audiovisual installation for Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Celebrating Snoopy and the Enduring Power of Peanuts.

patten is drawn to Peanuts as they see both Schulz's life and cartoons 'dynamically interrogating the past and present'. Their work for the exhibitiom, CB-MMXVIII (I've been thinking of giving sleeping lessons), 2018, places a 3D rendered Charlie Brown figure under various material distortions and stresse, visibly pushing at the edges of his framework, nudging at his limits.

While subtitles and narration with sampled text from Peanuts strips are interspersed with writing from philosophy, science and critical theory, a digitall altered vastly slowed down 'Linus and Lucy' theme becomes a glistening ambient soundtrack to the constantly shifting form. The DNA-level processing and physical reworking of Charlie Brown, the project's cemtre of gravity and seminal theme tune, serves to test its plasticity. It gives a liquified magma-like form to the beating heart of Peanuts - a kind of flexible open narrative conceptual vessel.

patten - CB-MMXVIII (I've been thinking of giving sleeping lessons)
patten - CB-MMXVIII (I've been thinking of giving sleeping lessons)

patten's cross-format practice condenses a boundary-irreverent approach through countless outlets ranging from design as 555-5555 to installation, film, software programming, music, live performance and publishing. Their extensive catalogue of recordings span the outer edges of techno, hip hop, ambient, club music, grime, pop and industrial, and they self-released their fourth full-length album 'GHOST' after conducting a four-piece suite of dense, hallucinatory releases for Warp Records.